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Q: Are you affiliated with any schools or travel teams?
A:  We are NOT, you may see our banner or advertisement at a high school or local rec field because that high school or rec league is where most of our players call home.  We believe in supporting those that support us and giving back to the game. We do not donate or advertise with any Travel Organization.

Q:  How young is too young to do an assessment or start lessons?

A: We believe the best way to prevent mobility issues is to not develop bad motor habits in the first place. We have done assessments on 6-year-olds.

Q: What size bat should I use?
A: Generally, we recommend that the bat should be half the height of the player. As for weight, it is up to the player and their comfort level. Lighter bats are not always better.

Q: How often should I come for lessons?
A: Most of our clients come for a lesson once per week or every other week. We encourage players to do supplementary work between lessons to aid their progress.

Q: What should I bring?
A: We believe that you should practice as you play (i.e. facemasks on for softball pitchers). Helmets are required in the cage while hitting. For player safety, we do not allow cleats in the facility.


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