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hoodie 1 cropped.jpg
hoodie 2 cropped.jpg

Hoodie  $35

pink shirt 1 cropped.jpg
pink shirt 2 cropped.jpg

Pink T   $15

blue shirt 1 cropped.jpg
blue shirt 2 cropped.jpg

Blue T   $15

tanner tee banner use this one.jpg

Original Tanner Tee $80

  (we carry three sizes of the Original Tanner Tee)

smash factor balls 2.jpg
smash factor balls.jpg

Smash Factor Balls $69 (per dozen)


Practice Baseballs for $40                       per dozen
(these are the same ones we use)

J bands.jpg

J-Bands Jr.(12 and younger)  $32

Video Analysis Flyer.png

Video Analysis  Pitching or Hitting  $35


J-Bands $34

Tanner Tee Flextop Replacement

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